Data Dictionary, Version 2

Version 2 of the data-dictionary is the revised main document describing the data available from the Airwave Study. The document has been much slimmed-down from Version 1, with the detailed tables placed in category-specific annexes. The data are available at the DPUK portal. We would be pleased to receive feedback from researchers via the usual channels.

Data Dictionary
Data Dictionary Version 2

Top level data dictionary (version 2). Most of the detail is now in the annexes.

Annex A
Annex A (Clinic and Blood Assay)

Results of clinic-based measurements and resulting laboratory assays (haematology and clinical chemistry)

Annex B
Annex B (Employment Circumstances)

Employment Circumstances

Annex C
Annex C (Electrocardiogram results)

Interpreted electrocardiogram (ECGs).

Annex D
Annex D (Absences from Work)

This Annex lists the data-fields available from the Airwave Study Tissue Bank absences export.

Annex E
Annex E (Treatments & Medications)

The treatments and medications dataset is a record of medications (or occasionally a treatment) that participants reported that they were taking at the time of their clinic visit.

Annex F
Annex F (Sample Use Matrix)

The Sample Use Matrix records which assays have been carried out on the sample. We also include columns coding for other data collection exercises that are not sample related (cognitive tests, diaries etc.).

Annex G
Annex G (Cognitive Testing)

This document describes the results of the follow-up cognitive tests.

Annex H
Annex H (ApoE Haplotypes)

This Annex lists the data-fields available from the Airwave Study Tissue Bank APOE haplotypes export

Annex I
Annex I (Survey Variables)

This is a categorised list of all the questions asked of participants in the screening and the related self-administered questionnaire.

Annex J
Annex J (Nutrition)

Nutritional content of participants diets based on analysis of 7-day food diaries

Annex K - (Methylation)
Annex K (Methylation)

Methylation analysis of DNA extracted from 930 Airwave participants. This annex describes the pre-processing that took place to create the datasets now available on the DPUK Portal.

Metadata for Cancers extract
Annex L (Cancers)

This is a document of metadata for cancers arising within the cohort. Because these data were provided under a Data Sharing Agreement with NHS, access is restricted to the narrow aims of the Airwave Study.

Annex N, Description of Self Reported Diagnoses Dataset
Annex N (Self Reported Diagnoses)

These data were collected to establish participants’ basic medical histories. At the time of the rollout, relatively few datasets were available from NHS, so these data important were important in establishing pre-existing conditions.