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Researchers using the Airwave dataset may wish to begin using Version 2 of the Data Dictionary and its annexes. More annexes and appendices will be published in due course. Please refer to the Researchers menu item on the main page.

We have updated our Privacy Notice for participants, which you can find here.

We are pleased that the Airwave Health Tissue Bank is now listed as a cohort by the Catalogue of Mental Health Measures, an interactive catalogue of mental health and well-being measures in British cohort and longitudinal studies. See our entry here.

‘People Like You’ presents an online conversation about Stefanie Posavec’s visualisation of the Airwave study and how work like hers can be useful for cohorts and biobanks.

During 2021, we have been working with Stefanie Posavec, an artist-in-residence with the People Like You project, where she visualised the Airwave Study. Aimed at showing how visualisation and art can be useful for biobanks and cohort studies, the results of her work are available here.

As part of a Wellcome Trust Medical Humanities Collaborative award, "People Like You: contemporary figures of personalisation" we are holding a one day event in London on Friday 17 September 2021. See our resident artists present their work, plus discussions on personalisation, medicine, healthcare and data science.

The aim of the Airwave Health Monitoring Study is to investigate whether there are any long-term health effects on police personnel of using the Airwave Communications system.

Update: 7th April 2022: We are pleased to announce the follow-up phase of the Study will re-commence in Spring 2022 with the first batch of invites planned to be sent later this month. We will initially operate in Cardiff and Carmarthen with plans to extend to other parts of Wales and Scotland.

The Airwave Study team have spent the last 2 years working on the REACT programme which has been fundamental for the Government in tackling the COVID-19 pandemic. We are now looking forward to continuing the Airwave re-screening programme thanks to the kind help of our participants.  

Update: 14th October 2020: The follow-up programme remains suspended because of the practical difficulties of running health-screens during the COVID-19 pandemic. If you would like to be added to a waiting list to be contacted when clinics re-open, please e-mail our resource team at [email protected].

Feedback letters relating to screens that were completed prior to the suspension of the follow-up programme have now been sent to participants. Please get in touch if you were expecting a letter but haven't yet received it.