Latest news

After substantial interest from the Airwave cohort, we have recently set up the Airwave participant advisory group (APAG) comprising of 8 participants across England, Scotland and Wales. 240 participants have also recently completed a survey as part of Dr Kirsten Bell's research into Airwave study participation and involvement.

We are pleased to be working with the University of Manchester to offer all Airwave participants the opportunity to take an at-home hearing test. We will email the invitations to participants over the next few weeks. If you do not receive an email and believe you are eligible to take part, please contact us at [email protected]

We are pleased to be supporting this study into the effects of oral semaglutide on the build-up of proteins in the brain characterising Alzheimer’s Disease and other cognitive impairments. Invitations to join this research study are being posted to relevant members of the Airwave cohort. 


We're always interested in news items where we're mentioned, and especially when it's a good-news story. This link from Bristol University celebrates a substantial funding award to the UK LLC, to which the Airwave Study is a key contributor.

The Airwave Study has been supporting research into dementia for some years now, and we were pleased to host a discussion event at our White City Campus on June 1st. Leading scientists from Oxford and Imperial College presented their research to members of Great Minds, leading to a final session where attendees asked interesting and thoughtful questions of our speakers.
We would like to tell you about another exciting opportunity for Airwave to contribute to research on the nation’s health. The Study has been invited to take part in the UK Longitudinal Linkage Collaboration (“UK LLC”) which aims to create a national research resource for both scientific discoveries and to support the translation of those into NHS practice.

The Airwave Tissue Bank is an epidemiological study of police officers and staff in Britain.  It was established in 2004 to investigate possible long-term health effects associated with use of TETRA, the personal radio system used by the police service. The cohort now supports broader research into common diseases affecting this well-defined occupational group.

Update: 12th September 2023: The Airwave follow-up screening phase has now concluded for this year. Thank you to all participants who attended one of our clinics in South Wales and Scotland over the past few months. 

Update: 30th November 2022: We are pleased to announce the follow-up phase of the Study will re-commence in 2023 with the first batch of invites planned to be sent in the New Year. We will initially operate in Cardiff and Carmarthen with plans to extend to other parts of Wales and Scotland.

The Airwave Study team have spent the last 2 years working on the REACT programme which has been fundamental for the Government in tackling the COVID-19 pandemic. We are now looking forward to continuing the Airwave re-screening programme thanks to the kind help of our participants.