We are pleased to be offering a free hearing test to all participants in the Airwave cohort. We are working with Dr Hannah Guest from the University of Manchester who has developed the test to investigate hearing loss.

You will answer some pre-test questions before taking a 12-minute listening activity on your laptop or computer (not phone). You must be connected to the Internet and be using headphones or earphones (not speakers). At the end, you will be shown our evaluation of your results.

If you have retired, left the Police Service, or never used an Airwave radio, your results will be as valuable as for serving officers / staff. You are welcome to take part if you have hearing loss diagnosed after joining the police; but we are unable to use results when the hearing loss was caused by illness, injury, ear disease, medication, or surgery.

We have emailed all participants a link to the test. If you have not received an email and believe you are eligible to take part, please contact us at [email protected]

Audiometry Participant Information Sheet.pdf