The Team

Professor Paul Elliott
Professor Paul Elliott
Principal Investigator

Professor Paul Elliott is the Principal Investigator (PI) of the Airwave Study and has overall responsibility for all areas of activity within the Airwave Study.

Paul is also Head of the Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, which is part of the School of Public Health at Imperial College. He is also director of the MRC-PHE Centre for Environment and Health, has over 25 years expertise in environmental epidemiology and has led studies of health effects associated with non-ionizing radiation for over 15 years.

More information about Paul can be found on his College profile.

Andy Heard
Andy Heard
Database Manager

Having joined the Airwave Study as Database Manager in 2003, Andy was responsible for day-to-day operation of the project from 2007 till 2015, when the roll-out completed. He has now returned to data management on a part-time basis and is tasked with ensuring that Study data is secure, accurate and available to those who have been granted access.

More information about Andy can be found on his College profile and LinkedIn pages.

Dr Chiara Di Gravio
Research Associate

Chiara is a Research Associate working in the Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics at Imperial College. She joined the team in 2023 after completing a PhD in Biostatistics in the US focusing on developing resource efficient epidemiological studies. Chiara has experience in analysing different data from different studies. Recent examples include studies on predictors of hospital re-admission and on long-term health effect of malnutrition in pregnancy.

More information about Chiara can be found on her College Profile (link: and website (link:

Joel Heller
Research Assistant

Joel is a Research Assistant working in the Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics at Imperial College. After completing the Imperial Health Data Analytics and Machine Learning MSc in 2019, he is now involved in several cohort studies, and started working on Airwave in 2021, focusing on data cleaning and analysis. His work is centered around the potential association between mobile phone use and adverse health outcomes.

Kim Bennet
Kim Bennet
Project Manager

Kim is a Study Project Manager in the School of Public Health at Imperial College London and has worked on a variety of studies and biobanks. Kim has delivered the Airwave follow up health screening programme, operating clinics across the UK and is now coordinating the Airwave Participant Advisory Group and other follow up activities for the Study.

More information about Kim can be found on her LinkedIn page. She can be contacted at [email protected].

JJ profile
Jordan Jenkins
Project Support

Jordan works in a project support role overseeing the health screening of the study including training, auditing and day-to-day logistics. He is also responsible for managing the sample inventory and data access.

Jordan joined the study team in 2019 having spent 5 years in the private health screening sector, which included conducting many Airwave screenings across the UK.

Jordan can be contacted at [email protected].