Follow-up Screening

We are now in a position to recommence the follow-up screening phase of the study. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we suspended all activity in March 2020. We plan to send the first batch of invites over the next couple of months, initially operating in South Wales before expanding to other parts of Wales and Scotland.  

A reassessment of existing members of the cohort who previously had a health-screen was launched in November 2015 and has already proven to be a great success. Over the following 14 months we screened 6,271 participants, only suspending work when our funding for the year was exhausted in December 2016. The format is similar to last time, with all volunteers being provided a feedback report on the results that you may find useful.

We now aim to make the health screen available to everyone who has previously had a health screen with us - that's 45,533 individuals. Obviously, it will take a while for us to reach every corner of the country, so we will write to you when we are in your neighbourhood. The assessment will be performed by health care professionals who will be trained and monitored by the Study team at Imperial College. All data collected will be transferred to our network of secure servers where the Airwave Study data is currently stored.

You do not need to be a currently serving police officer / member-of-staff to participate. We remain interested in how everyone's health has changed with time, whatever you're now doing.

Please find the latest versions of the Participant Information Sheet and Consent Form below:

Participant Information Sheet v4 January 2023
Consent Form v4 October 2022